Why do you need to be careful about the ingredients of fish oil? This is a question that has been asked by thousands of people and has many different answers. The truth is, we really don't know the answer yet. All we really know right now is that there are plenty of problems with low quality fish oils. However, if you take the time to learn more about the ingredients of fish oil and how to evaluate them, then you will soon be able to understand why this is such a critical area of choosing a quality product.

Check The Water

One thing that you should look for in quality fish oil is the source of the fish. If the fish used in the oil come from contaminated waters or are harvested using methods that are dirty, then this may not be the most accurate information. It is possible to get high levels of omega-3 fatty acids from sustainable, local sources, so this is definitely an area worth researching further. Just make sure that the fish are caught legally and that they have been processed according to strict industry standards.

What Type of Fatty Acids Present

Another area to consider is what type of fatty acids are present in the fish oil. The levels of EPA and DHA are an important factor in determining whether or not the product is going to be healthy or not. These two fatty acids are called essential because they must be present in order for your body to be able to function normally. Unfortunately, levels of these essential fatty acids in fish are decreasing all over the world due to the increased consumption of PCBs and mercury, which are found in some types of fish that have been caught unprofessionally.

Look for Good Company

To avoid this situation, look for companies that are using the oil from healthy, sustainable, open water sources. The best examples of these are the Cochin and Hoki that are caught in the New Zealand seas. Even in the United States, levels of both EPA and DHA are declining due to contaminants in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Companies that produce oils from this type of fish are still considered to be better for your health because they are more likely to be higher in essential fatty acids. If a company is using PCBs and mercury, they are definitely not considered to be healthy and if the levels of these two are normal, then you are still better off buying their products.

The reason why the levels of EPA and DHA are falling is largely due to overfishing. PCBs and mercury are released into the ocean when fish are captured. Many people believe that PCB levels are too high to be safe for human consumption, but the truth is that they are just as high as the levels of prescription drugs that are being produced by pharmaceutical companies. People with a history of cancer are particularly at risk because they usually suffer from one kind of other health problem and a major contributor to their disease is mercury.

Now that we have determined what the levels are, we can talk about what to do about it. A lot of people choose to take a multivitamin designed to be taken with fish oil. These should be your first choice because they have been shown to be very helpful. You should also be sure to avoid any product that has mercury. Unfortunately, there are a lot of "organic" foods and products that contain traces of mercury so it is important that you become aware of the risks.

Another step is eating organic foods if you can. Organic food does not have to be completely organic, but it does need to be grown without the use of pesticides. Mercury can be present in even trace amounts, but people who eat large quantities of seafood regularly are at a high risk. Another thing that you should be doing is getting your vitamin D from sun exposure. The sun provides good amounts of this vitamin naturally.

As you can see, it is quite simple to protect yourself. There are many companies out there that are producing a new type of supplement that claims to contain all natural ingredients. While they may claim that some of the ingredients are natural, you want to make sure that they are. Any company that does not disclose their ingredients is likely a scam. If you want to get the most benefits from your fish oil supplement, stay away from those that do not disclose their ingredients.

Ingredients of fish oil