5 Types of Online Shoppers and What They're Looking for When Browsing the Internet

5 Types of Online Shoppers and What They're Looking for When Browsing the Internet

There's a wide range of people who shop online, and some have specific needs that may not be met elsewhere. People might be looking for a bargain, a specific product or might want to feel like they're saving the environment. Look at 5 different types of shoppers and their unique shopping habits!

Bargain Hunters 

These customers love finding deals on items they need or want. Deals don't always have to mean discounts: sometimes it can mean free shipping if you buy 3 or more products, in which case you've just saved money without even realizing it! Other times it can mean a cash back bonus for spending over $100. Make sure you provide these customers with all the deals, promotions and bonuses they want!


These shoppers like to only buy things that they know will be useful to them. Not necessarily expensive, but just something that they're going to use a lot or is in high quality. They're not necessarily looking for a bargain, but if you can find them something that isn't going to break the bank then they'll appreciate it.

Green Shoppers 

These shoppers like to buy environmentally friendly items and products with recycled content. For example, they want batteries made from old car batteries or a toy made out of 100% recycled materials. If you can offer these types of products and services, they'll be more likely to buy from you than if you don't!

 Specialty Shoppers 

These shoppers like to buy niche items that are highly specific. They're looking for something that is very difficult to find in your regular market, but will find it online. For example, they might be looking for a 5-gallon vat or something worth $10,000. They're willing to pay more than the average shopper because of how difficult it is to find what they want!

The last category of online shopper, I would like to discuss is the retired shopper. While many people still shop at brick and mortar stores, a growing number of retirees are turning to online stores. Retirees have a number of reasons to shop the online store versus having to drive to and through a store.

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