100 pieces 30-inch x 36-inch Pet Wee Pee Piddle Pad

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● Powerful Absorption: Instantly absorb the pet's urine due to the thickened bibulous paper, it effectively absorbs all the urine in short time.
● Use for More Hours: Not only the bibulous paper is thickened, but also 2 layers for one pad, one at the upper side and the other at the bottom with PE film. This design makes the pad more durable and lasts for a longer time than regular puppy pee pads. You don't have to change it frequently.
● Comfortable Surface: Don't worry about your puppy may be uncomfortable sitting on it, the pad surface is made of non-woven fabric, super soft and comfortable to sit on.
● Double Protection Against Potential Leakage: The pad has 2 layers bibulous paper to absorb the urine, to be more secure, the bottom has an extra protection with a PE film to absorb any potential leakage. Your room will be double guaranteed to be clean and neat.
● Reduce Odor: We have carefully selected superior material. This environmentally friendly material effectively reduces odor and gives your room fresh air.


    • Material: Non-woven fabrics + bibulous paper + wood pulp + PE film
    • Size: 30" x 36" (W x L)
    • Quantity: 100 pcs (10 bags in one case, 10 pcs in one bag)
    • One piece weight: 15lbs
    • It is disposable pad and cannot be recyclable
    • Package includes: 1 Case x wee pee pad

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