12 ft Tape Measure, 1/2 in Blade

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When you need to get the job done right, this Stanley 33-272 12 ft Tape Measure is just what you need. The bright yellow blade makes it easy to find, and its 1/2 in. width allows for greater visibility when measuring your materials. This tape measure has a graduations of 1/16" there after and 1/32" first 12". The closed metal case protects the tape from damage when not in use. The rewind type is automatic with lock feature which holds the tape measure securely in place when not in use. It also features a decimals scale, which can be read both left to right and right to left. When it comes to working on projects around the house or at work, you will want this Stanley 33-272 12 ft Tape Measure close by so that you can ensure accurate measurements every time.

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