24 in Bar Clamp Steel Handle and 5 1/2 in Throat Depth

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This Bessey GSM60 24 in. ClassiX Heavy Duty Bar Clamp is the ideal tool for your next project. It will provide you with superior clamping power to help you complete the job on time and without any hassles. The heavy duty bar clamp comes with a swivel pad, which allows you to position it exactly where needed. The tempered cold drawn forged steel bar offers greater durability and strength, making this bar clamp perfect for heavy duty applications. The maximum jaw opening of 24 in makes this an excellent choice for welding, assembly and general purpose clamping. Its steel handle gives you a sturdy grip when applying pressure during use, while its 1 5/16 x 2 5/8" face provides ample space for holding onto objects tightly. When it comes to working with fasteners, the BESSEY GSM60 24 in Bar Clamp is the tool to have on hand.

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