24 in L 3 in Cap. Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrench

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The Ridgid 31130 24 in. L 3 in. Cap. Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrench is an offset pipe wrench that is designed to provide exceptional leverage and control for difficult tasks, such as removing stubborn bolts or pipes that are buried underground. This product has a jaw capacity of 3 inches and overall length of 24 inches, making it ideal for use on long pipes and hard-to-reach bolts. The I-beam handle provides greater strength than traditional pipe wrenches without adding extra weight or bulkiness to the tool. It features an aluminum handle with serrated jaws made of steel, allowing you to grip objects securely without slipping off them. Whether you are working on large projects or just need something sturdy enough to help you complete smaller ones, the Ridgid 31130 24 in L 3 in Cap Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrench will definitely meet your needs.

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