3-piece Ball Peen Hammer Set, 32-48 oz., Steel Handle

Sale price$180.12


If you are looking for a ball peen hammer set that offers quality and affordability, Proto's J1303AVPS 3-Piece Ball Peen Hammer Set is the perfect choice. It comes with a steel handle that has shock reduction to absorb impact forces. The heads of these hammers are made of steel, so they can last through years of use. This three-piece ball peen hammer set has 32 oz., 40 oz., and 48 oz. head weights, so you can choose the right weight for your job. These tools have an overall length ranging from 14 3/4 in to 15 15/64 in to 15 3/4 in, making them versatile enough for different jobs. If you want a high-quality yet affordable ball peen hammer set, this Proto J1303AVPS 3 Piece Ball Pein Hammer Set is definitely worth checking out.

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