4 gal. Backpack Sprayer, Polyethylene Tank, Cone, Fan, Jet Spray Pattern, 48" Hose Length

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When it comes to keeping your lawn and garden looking great, the Solo 475-B 4 gal. Backpack Sprayer is a must-have tool. It will make spraying quick and easy for you. The backpack sprayer features an ultraviolet resistant tank that will not degrade in sunlight. With its Cone, Fan, Jet nozzles, this sprayer provides three different patterns for efficient application of chemicals. You can fill the 4 1/4" opening at the top of the tank easily by removing the lid with one hand while holding it over a container with the other hand. With its long 28 in. wand, you can easily reach areas that are hard to access when using traditional methods like manual watering or pull behind sprayers. The Solo 475 Backpack Sprayer is designed to keep your lawn and garden looking their best.

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