Farmhouse Horseshoe Hose Holder

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Featuring horseshoes with 8 holes already drilled! All you have to do is mount it to your ideal area and hang what you wish.

Clean the mess of your garden with our Horseshoe Garden hose holder that arrives at your door step beautifully crafted to offer the perfect combination of intrigue and affordability. 

All paint options INCLUDING the clear coat will protect against rust. We use premium time-tested paint that is engineered for rust prevention but also protection. It also looks great!

Can't decide between raw steel or the clear coat? We recommend the protection of the clear coat for areas with regular rain. The difference in color between the two is not substantial as seen in the pictures.

Why use it?

  • Environment-friendly! Crafted from hand forged horseshoes, our product is environment-friendly that offers good looks, a quirky sense of humor, and ease of use.
  • Long-lasting! The horseshoes are welded together to create a sturdy and durable holder that will hold up to years of heavy use and weather.
  • Versatile! Crafted in a custom design, our horseshoe garden hose holder is equally versatile as a piece of wall art as it compliments many different decor styles.
  • Perfect gift! Bring style and taste to anyone’s home with our horseshoe hose holder that will add a distinctive and unique personality to any environment!

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