FATMAX® 10" Adjustable Demolition Wrench

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This Stanley FatMax 10" Adjustable Wrench is a great tool for prying and pulling nails. It also has a large jaw capacity of 1 1/4 in. The adjustable wrench features a flaired handle, which provides extra comfort and control. Its jaw capacity is 1 1/4 in., and it has an overall length of 10 in. This black oxide adjustable wrench comes with a prybar and nail puller on the end, allowing you to work quickly and efficiently. The plain grip style means that this wrench can be used by either right or left handed people without discomfort. If you are looking for an adjustable wrench that will get the job done quickly, then look no further than the Stanley FMHT75081 FATMAX® 10" Adjustable Wrench.

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