Kitchen Commercial Pizza Oven Stainless Steel Pan

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The electric pizza oven with built-in temperature control makes it a must-have item in your kitchen.

● Removable Crumb Tray: Features a removable crumb tray. To clean the crumb tray, remove and rinse with warm soapy water. Wipe dry before placing back in the oven.
● Pizza up to 12 inches: Pizza drawer accommodates up to a 12-inch pizza in diameter. With the oven dual backing elements, you will be able to bake a frozen pizza from start to finish in less than 15 minutes, and no preheating is required.
● Auto Shut-off Timer: You can set different baking times according to different foods. Baking time can be set between 8-12 minutes based on crust size, topping and personal set. The timer will shut off after the set time.
● Heat-proof Handle: Handles of food rack and tray are insulated and protect your handle safety when taking rack or tray out.
● Easy to Clean: High-quality stainless steel oven body and chrome bakeware is easy to clean, no matter oil or burnt food can be removed with a gentle wipe. Please allow the pizza baker time to cool before cleaning.


    • Product size: 18.89" x 15.74" x 7.36"
    • Frame material:
    • Outer case and food rack front: Heavy brushed stainless steel
    • Inner case and internal case parts: Aluminized steel
    • Grill handle: Plastic
    • Weight: About 14 lbs
    • Baking time: 8 - 12 minutes
    • Voltage: 120 V
    • Amps: 14 amps
    • Frequency: 50 - 60 HZ
    • Power: 1450 W


  • Never operate the pizza baker oven without the crumb tray and food rack

  • Do not touch the outer surface of the pizza baker oven during or immediately after baking

  • Do not clean with a scouring pad or harsh abrasives

  • Do not bake greasy foods in the oven

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