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Magnum 100SG Spool Gun

Magnum 100SG Spool Gun

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When you need to weld aluminum, the Lincoln Electric Magnum 100SG Spool Gun is the ideal tool for the job. It has a pistol grip handle and can be used with 0.030 in to 0.035 in wire size. With an air cooled spool gun, you will be able to complete your welding task quickly and efficiently. The metal spool gun has a 10 ft cable length and rotates at 0 degrees, allowing you to adjust its position easily. This lightweight tool also features an angled neck tube that provides superior wire feeding capabilities. You can use it with 130 A at 30% duty cycle on MIG welding jobs that require aluminum welding wire of 0.030 in to 0.035 in diameter range. When working with MIG welding, make sure you have this Magnum 100SG Spool Gun on hand so you can produce high quality results every time.


  • Mfr #: K2532-1
  • Handle Type: Pistol Grip
  • Wire Size: 0.030 in to 0.035 in
  • Item: Spool Gun
  • Duty Cycle (%): 30%
  • Application: Aluminum Welding
  • Series: Magnum 100S
  • MIG Gun Number: 100SG
  • Rotation Deg.: 0 Degrees
  • Trigger: Standard
  • Neck Tube Size: Medium
  • Cable Length (Ft.): 10 ft
  • Neck Tube Angle: 90 Degrees
  • Type: Air Cooled
  • Neck Tube Material: Metal
  • Neck Tube Type: Fixed
  • Amps: 130 A
  • For Wire Type: Aluminum
  • Liner Series: KP2632-1
  • Max. Wire Diameter: 0.035 in
  • Max. Amperage Range: Less than 150 A
  • Spool Included: Yes
  • Spool Capacity: 4 in
  • Maximum Current: 130 A
  • For Rear Connection Type: Lincoln-Compatible
  • For Gas Type: Ar (Argon)
  • Compatible with Model: Magnum 100SG
  • Wire Feed Type: Pull
  • Gas Diffuser Number: KP2040-1
  • Maximum Amperage Range: Less than 150 A
  • Compatible with Brand: Lincoln
  • Includes: .030-.035 in. (0.8-0.9 mm) drive roll, Contact tips (Qty. 3), Cushioned carrying case, Electrical harness with toggle switch (must be installed in power source), Spool gun with 10 ft. (3.0 m) cable, Spool of .035 in. (0.9 mm) 4043 aluminum alloy wire
  • Maximum Wire Feed Speed: 550 in/min
  • Cable Length: 10 ft
  • Trigger Type: Standard
  • Welding Processes: MIG Welding (GMAW)
  • MIG Gun Type: Spool Gun
  • Nozzle Series: KP1938-1
  • Maximum Wire Diameter: 0.035 in
  • Duty Cycle: 30 %
  • Weight: 13 lb
  • Cooling Method: Air-Cooled
  • Tip Series: Magnum 100SG
  • Model: K2532-1
  • Maximum Amperage Range (Merch): Less than 150 A
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