Pulaski Axe, Single Bit, Hickory, 36 In.

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If you are looking for a tool that can split wood, then the Council Tool 38PE136 Pulaski Axe is what you need. It has a single bit design with an oil quenched head to ensure uniform hardness and straightness. This 36 in. long axe has a 4 3/4 in. cutting edge, which makes it easy to cut through wood. The 36 in. handle is made of hickory wood, making it durable and sturdy for heavy duty work. The head material is forged steel, giving this axe strength and durability for years of use. You will also appreciate the straight handle design which gives you better control over your swing when splitting logs into firewood or kindling. If you are serious about getting things done quickly, then look no further than the Council Tool 38PE136 Pulaski Axe.

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