Self-Adjusting Tensioner, A V-belt Size

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Self-adjusting tensioner, - ANSI Chain Size, A V-Belt Size Range, Idler Outside Dia. 3.0 in, Mounting Hole (In.) 2/5 in, Mounting Hole (Metric) -, Idler Bolt (In.) -, Temp. Range (F) 32 to 225, Force Range (Lbs.) 0 to 30, Normal 10 Deg. Force (Lb.) -, Hard 10 Degree Force (Lb.) -, -, Hard 20 Degree Force (Lb.) -, Normal 20 Deg. Force (Lb.) -, -, Hard 30 Degree Force (Lb.) -, Normal 30 Deg. Force (Lb.) -, -


ANSI Chain Size: -
Item: Self-adjusting tensioner
V-Belt Size Range: A
Idler Outside Dia.: 3 in
Dimension G (In.): 0.41 in
Dimension C (In.): 0.91 in
Normal 30 Deg. Force (Lb.): -
Dimension A (In.): 1.67 in
Dimension B (In.): 0.28 in
20 Degree Dim. S (In.): -
Dimension J1(In.): -
Function: Self-Adjusting Tensioner Eliminates Need For Regular Manual Retensioing
Dimension E (In.): 6.39 in
Insert: Accurately Wound Compression Springs Are Used To Provide Consistent Tensioning Force, Alloy Steel
Application: V-Belt Drives
Dimension N (In.): -
Includes: -
Dimension J2 (In.): -
Hard 30 Degree Force (Lb.): -
10 Deg. Normal Dim. S (In.): -
Dimension D (In.): 2.76 in
Agency Compliance: -
30 Degree Dim. S (In.): -
Mounting Hole (Metric): -
Force Range (Lbs.): 0 to 30
Hard 10 Degree Force (Lb.): -
Mounting Hole (In.): 2/5 in
Temp. Range (F): 32 to 225
Dimension K (In.): -
Tensioning Arm: Deflects Up To 45 Degrees Either Side Of Its Neutral Position Allowing A Pretension Force That Self-Adjusts An Idler To Everyday Elongation Of Chain Or Belt While Dampening Vibration In The Drive
Normal 10 Deg. Force (Lb.): -
Dimension L (In.): -
Hard 20 Degree Force (Lb.): -
Dimension T (In.): 1.17 in
Idler Bolt (In.): -
Normal 20 Deg. Force (Lb.): -

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