Sigfried 67.75'' W x 69'' H 4 - Panel Solid Wood Folding Room Divider

Sale price$226.99


Peaceful, harmonious Asian-style design combined with sturdy; handwoven bamboo are the main features of this high-quality bamboo room divider. Each bamboo panel is decorated with a gorgeous design of trees, birds, colorful flowers, and Chinese characters in the vivid and elegant style of traditional Chinese calligraphy and artwork. Two-way hinges provide added flexibility by allowing each panel to bend in both directions, so this versatile divider screen can be used to enhance the efficiency in nearly any home or business environment.  


  • Ideal for screening off a space, dividing a room into smaller sections, or decorating your home
  • A room divider with a black wood frame and panels made of bamboo with Asian-style designs
  • The hinges that connect the 4 panels allow you to adjust the length & fold the screen up as needed

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